Redmine Side

  1. cd your_redmine_installation_dir/plugins
  2. For Redmine Version >= 3.00:
    git clone -b main

    For Redmine Version 2.x:
    git clone -b Redmine2.x
  3. Restart your redmine
Fields Mapping

Click Administration link in top, then click MS Project Connector link.

Then you can see the follow setting page:

Then you can New Mapping fields by select a redmine field,

Or change a mapping field by select a microsoft project field.

When every mapping is ok, click Apply button to save all the fields mapping.

What is going to do when the tasks on Miscrosoft Project is deleted:

  • Do Nothing: the issues corresponding to the tasks will not be deleted.
  • Ask Me: Ask user delete or not by a confirm dialog
  • Delete Issue: the issues corresponding to the tasks will be deleted.