Microsoft Project Redmine Connector

A Plugin Connect Microsoft Project and Redmine. It's not a XML/MPP import/export tools. It's more convenient and powerful than any import/export style tools. It make redmine as a data center for MS Project. Which means that you can load Readmine issues to the Ms Project, and then arrage them as MS Project style, and finally save them back to Redmine
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bi-directional synchronization between Microsoft Project and Redmine

You can load/merge tasks from redmine or save tasks to redmine by one-click.

Relation And Subtasks

Parent/Subtask and Relation(FS/FF/SF/SS) are loaded and saved automatically.

Field Mapping

It can almost mapping all the standard and custom fields between Microsoft Project and Redmine. The Redmine project members are loaded as resources. And of course, bool to bool, number to number, string to string, date to date and dropdown to dropdown.